Berkeley Urban Garden School
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about BUGS - educational philosophy

The Berkeley Urban Garden School educational philosophy is rooted in play-based, experiential learning. We work to provide a conduit for natural active curiosity and creativity. We know that when a child is engaged in an activity of their choosing they are most excited about learning. Learning opportunities must make sense from the child's point of view. Therefore teacher-led activities and topical content are based on the children's expressed interests. BUGS teachers serve as facilitators in a intentional environment created to stimulate and challenge each child's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

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We respect the unique process of each child's growth. By creating individualized learning plans we seek to enhance self-esteem and nurture inherent strengths while offering the appropriate level of challenge to inspire growth. Children and adults learn from one another. Differences are appreciated and everyone participates. To foster compassion and empathy we take time to help children negotiate conflict and talk about their feelings. We model a warm communication style and emphasize mutual respect in our interactions with children and among adults

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